03/24 2016

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Understand your tanita readings.

Human body is composed of fat, muscle, bone minerals and body water. Excess body fat not only affects your shape and appearance, but also contributes to certain medical conditions including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes. Daily monitoring your body fat can increase your awareness to prevent the chance of developing these health risks.

Technology behind Tanita BC Monitor

When you stand on Tanita BC monitor, a very low, safe electrical current will be passing through your body from the electrode plates. The current passes quickly through the muscle tissue but meets resistance when it meets fat tissue. Based on the resistance measurement and your personal data including age, gender and height, Tanita BC monitor will calculate the % of fat and lean mass etc.

Tanita Body Composition Q&A

  • Muscle Mass

Muscle burns energy (calories). Increasing muscle mass enhances your metabolic rate, helping you burn body fat and lose weight in healthy way.

  • Visceral Fat Rating (Abdominal Fat)


Rating Analysis
1 – 9
Healthy level of visceral fat. Continue monitoring your rating to ensure that it stays within the healthy range.
Lower Risk
10 – 14
Slightly high level of visceral fat. Consider making changes in your lifestyle through diet and/or increasing exercise.
Higher Risk
15 –
Very high level of visceral fat. Please consult doctors for improvement.
  • Total Body Water


Body water normally takes around 50 – 65% of the total weight for man and 45% – 60% for women. Stay in proper hydration level will help keeping your body function efficiently and reduce the risk of developing serious health problems. Make sure you maintain a healthy range of body water level during your fitness plan.

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

It refers to the daily minimum level of energy or calories body requires at resting stage. The higher the BMR, the higher the ability to burn fat, or vice versa. Increasing your muscle mass helps raising your BMR which enhances calories burnt and helps decrease body fat levels.

  • Function Icons


  • Body Fat % Indicator

Massive research work classifies body fat % into different fat categories:


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If you want to know how much calorie per day, you need to consume to lose weight, please refer to this page. (BMR/DCR Calculator)

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